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AHIP Credentialing

Become or Find a Chapter Credentialing Liaison 

MLA chapter credentialing liaisons (CCLs) promote the Academy of Health Information Professionals in their respective chapters by sharing information about the academy and encouraging membership. 


  • Be an enthusiastic academy member.
  • Demonstrate good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Demonstrate organizational skills, such as paying attention to detail and consistently following up with questions and requests for information.
  • Preferred: willingness to attend MLA annual meetings to learn about updates to the academy.


  • Encourage chapter members to pursue academy membership.
  • Download and customize the academy PowerPoint for presentations at your chapter, state, and other meetings--coming soon!
  • Answer questions about the academy.
  • Read MLA and Credentialing Committee (CC) communications about the academy.
  • Subscribe to the Credentialing Committee mailing list ( and participate in discussions.
  • Forward issues raised by chapter members to Credentialing Committee.


The academy recognizes the work done by CCL by awarding them 10 points per year of service, which count toward the 5-point MLA activities requirement at the distinguished level.

CCL Activity Suggestions

    • Contact new chapter members to discuss the academy.
    • Refer difficult academy questions to MLA headquarters for triage.
    • Assist members to locate forms and instructions for applying to academy.
    • Agree to be listed as local contact on chapter's website.
    • Agree to be listed as local contact in chapter newsletter.
    • Assist CC in testing and refining new web pages.
    • Exhibit at chapter meetings.
    • Hold an academy clinic at chapter meetings.
    • Call current academy members who are about to renew and offer assistance.
    • Write articles for chapter newsletter.
    • Present academy information at local library schools.
    • Speak about the academy in chapter forums.

MLA Chapter Credentialing Liaisons

Hawaii-Pacific Chapter/Term (5/16–5/19) Carolyn Ching Dennison, AHIP
Medical Library Group of So. California and Arizona/ Term (9/15-6/17) Kathleen Carlson, AHIP
Mid-Atlantic Chapter/Term (9/13–9/16) Emma Cryer Heet, AHIP
Midcontinental Chapter/Term (1/17–12/19) Shawn Steidinger, AHIP
Midwest Chapter/Term (6/16–12/17) Jane Blumenthal, AHIP
New York-New Jersey Chapter/Term (10/16–10/17) Rimma Perelman, AHIP
North Atlantic Health Sciences Library Chapter/Term (6/14–9/17) Meredith I. Solomon, AHIP
Northern California and Nevada Medical Library Group/Term (1/16–12/17) Ana Macias
Pacific Northwest Chapter/Term (1/16–1/18) Beth Hill, AHIP
Philadelphia Regional Chapter/Term (6/15–6/19) Jeanette de Richemond, AHIP
South Central Chapter/Term (10/16-10/17) Steven Self, AHIP
Southern Chapter/Term (10/12–10/16) Cynthia Beeler, AHIP
Upstate New York and Ontario Chapter/Term (10/16–10/17) Angela Dixon, AHIP