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May Events
May 26, 2017
10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Washington State Convention Center
Seattle, Washington

May 26, 2017
02:55 PM - 02:55 PM
Washington State Convention Center
Seattle, Washington

July Events
July 27, 2017
01:00 PM - 02:30 PM

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Resume Clinic

Resume Clinic
Wed April 19, 2017
The MLA Professional Recruitment and Retention Committee (PRRC) is pleased to sponsor the "Dream Dare Do" MLA '17 Resume Clinic for meeting attendees.

Hop to it! Register before the early bird pricing deadline of April 19.
MLA ’17 is the Place to Connect with Your Peers!
Looking for networking opportunities at MLA ’17 in Seattle? MLA offers a variety of social and networking events for its attendees.
Registration is Still Open - early bird rates end April 19th.
Still time to volunteer for MLA '17
Early bird registration discount ends on April 19th!
Seattle is one of those cities that is beautiful from any direction – including from above.
The MLA ’17 Online Itinerary Planner is now open. Use the planner to manage your time by deciding in advance what you want to see. Log in with your badge number to create your personal schedule.
Julie Angus rowed from Lisbon to Costa Rica with the man that she later married, Colin. They faced the 100 miles-per-hour winds and 40-foot-high waves of Hurricane Vince. They spelled each other rowing—hour after hour after hour after hour, day after day after day,
Dream Dare Do in Seattle will be the biggest meeting of medical librarians in 2017 and the question for you is: how will you make the most of it?
Less than four months until MLA ’17 in Seattle, May 26–31, 2017! Plan ahead to make the most of your visit and the annual meeting. The tourist season starts in Seattle during the month of May, when the rain lets up and the weather warms up. Plan to maximize your visit
Julie Angus DREAMED of being the first woman to row across the Atlantic Ocean.  Patricia Brennan DARED to be the new director of the National Library of Medicine. Hope Jahren proves she can DO what a Lab Girl needs to DO.
The MLA '17 Contributed Content Working Group is seeking moderators for paper and lightning talk sessions during MLA '17. Please consider volunteering as a moderator and/or sharing this message with other MLA members.
The 2017 MLA National Program Committee invites submissions for Late Breaking Lightning Talks that support the theme, “Dream, Dare, Do.” Submit using MLA’s online abstract submission site starting on Monday February 20th, 2017 and ending at 6:00 p.m., central time, on Monday March 6th, 2017.
Are you interested in participating in the MLA 2017 Annual Meeting but aren’t sure what you can do? Do you already love social media or Dream about expanding your horizons a little? Then Dare to be a Blog or Twitter correspondent!
The MLA ′17 Contributed Content Working Group thanks everyone who took the time and effort to prepare and submit abstracts for the upcoming annual meeting, as well as those who volunteered their time to review the abstracts. We could not have completed the peer review process without you!
MLA ’17 attendees will be in the perfect location to explore the city of Seattle. Walking downhill from the convention center on Pike Street, you will come across the beating heart of Seattle’s waterfront: the Pike Place Market as well as the Craft's Market. Check out our shopping suggestions!
Are you ready? Calendar cleared and card in hand? Don't worry you have only a few more days to wait to register for MLA'17 in beautiful Seattle. Registration opens on January 16 and Preliminary Programs will be in your hot little hands in no time. Check out these justification tips, too!
Join your colleagues May 26 and 27 for the MLA ’17 continuing education (CE) courses in Seattle, Washington. These courses will provide health sciences librarians with a great way to explore new roles and stay at the forefront of the health information profession.
Hope Jahren is an intrepid researcher who embodies our meeting theme of Dream. Dare. Do. As a child and a young woman, she played and then worked in her father’s lab and dreamed of herself as a scientist. As a student and a young woman, she dared to explore her chosen research areas
Have you dreamed about ways you can participate more fully in MLA’s Annual Meetings?  Do you dare to volunteer in a way you may not have tried before?  Check out some of these opportunities!
Though not nearly as large as the more well-known Chinatowns in San Francisco or New York City, Seattle's International District/Chinatown can still feel like you're leaving the United States behind. This is a great place to be adventurous.
Dreaming of hikes with a view, or maybe a volcano or glacier? Not far from Seattle, you can find plenty of possibilities. Here are 3 accessible day trips to popular mountain destinations.
Imagine a dream conference with daring ideas, and wonderful networking opportunities. How about a conference city with plenty of options for fitness fun, too? In Seattle at MLA’17, you can do this! When you are ready to get some exercise, your biggest challenge will be making a choice!
Are you ready to Tweet about the upcoming conference in Seattle? Want to search for information or use Twitter to share and plan for the conference? Start adding the official hashtag #MLANet17 to related Tweets now to help build excitement and interest in the conference.
Now is the time to explore opportunities for annual meeting and professional development grants. MLA chapters and sections also support members with a variety grants.
It can be tempting to bring your family along on a meeting trip. But being at your professional, productive best while also trying to keep your children, spouse, or partner entertained are goals that can clash. With proper planning, the combination can work well, especially in Seattle.
If you’re like me, visiting a city includes visiting that city's parks. May is a great time of the year to visit the many city parks in Seattle: it is finally warming up and the days are getting longer. You can even make plans to head to a park after eating dinner...
You dreamed and dared, just DO it!!
Less than three weeks remain to submit an abstract for “Dream, Dare, Do" to be held May 26–31, 2017, in Seattle, WA.
Do you want to review abstracts for papers, posters, lightning talks, and Special Content Sessions for MLA 2017? Fill out this Reviewer Interest form (at

Find a good book to read at MLA '17 by visiting one of Seattle's many local, independent bookstores.
Where will you get your caffeine fix at MLA ‘17? Arm yourself with the knowledge to find your latte in a cafe near the Washington State Convention Center.
Due to the popularity of the post-MLA ’17 cruise to Alaska, we have added more rooms and are now offering an additional promotion! The Medical Library Association has arranged a group booking for t June 2-9, 2017 Alaska sailing of Celebrity Solstice, following the 2017 Annual Meeting in Seattle.
The booking deadline for the post-conference Alaskan cruise has been extended, but staterooms are going quickly!
How do I get around at MLA ’17 in Seattle? What is the troll eating? What can I do with my down time? Tell me about art and sports in the 206. This FAQ-filled post will help you get acquainted with the city.
Gooey-what? They’re spelled geoducks but pronounced “gooey-ducks” and they look like razor clams on steroids. Seattle sits on the edge of the Sound and offers some of the most diverse wildlife around.
Have an idea for a poster presentation? Don't put it off for another year! Dream, Dare, Do it!!!
Enjoy the post conference cruise! Don't miss out, get your deposit in by Aug 1.
MLA has arranged a post-meeting Alaskan cruise from June 2–9, 2017, the Alaska sailing of Celebrity Solstice, following MLA ’17 in Seattle, WA. Come along!
Getting here is half the fun!
Are you thinking about MLA'17 in Seattle? Wanting to take a cruise to Alaska? Combine the two with a fantastic post-conference cruise!
Note: the National Library of Medicine (NLM) update presentation was recorded on video; see the website for access to video, which should be available to you if you attended either in person or remotely.

In her closing remarks, Betsy Humphreys, Acting Director of NLM, stated that while some "big
Are you attending Mosaic 2016? Having you planned out your schedule? Make time to stop by the poster sessions in Exhibit Hall A. There are 3 poster sessions Sunday - Tuesday.
Good morning, everyone!  The poster sessions for Monday and Tuesday were well attended.  Several posters are on display in Exhibit Hall A.  In poster session 2, I learned about how our Canadian colleagues, Susan Baer, Amy Weisgarber, Michelle Dalidowicz and Robyn Hocking, are implementing a journal
The Welcome and Presidential Address was filled with plenty of warm welcomes and thank you's. It began with MLA President Michelle Kraft welcoming everyone especially our Canadian and international colleagues to the joint meeting.

Next, Jeanna Hough, President of CHLA expressed excitement for the t
Full Speed Ahead will take a brief blogging break as MLA members and staff attend Mosaic '16 in Toronto. Follow us on the Mosaic'16 blog and on Twitter.
We encourage all Mosaic'16 attendees to read MLA's new Code of Conduct, with the ultimate goal is create a welcoming, collegial environment for networking, fun, and the sharing of ideas.
There are just 17 weeks until “Mosaic ’16: Be Part of the Big Picture.” Will you be there? Here are five reasons we think you should consider completing your registration today.
549 abstracts... that’s the highest number ever! Further evidence that health sciences librarians are fired up to present their papers, posters, or lightning talks and “Be Part of the Big Picture” in Toronto, May 13–18, 2016.
Mosie is a racoon who was born and raised in Toronto and is the official mascot of “Mosaic: Be Part of the Big Picture”.  (Note that there are allegations raccoons are attempting to overthrow the city… stay tuned for more updates on this!)  Mosie will be making his way throughout Canada and the Unit
Our 2016 John P. McGovern Award Lecturer, Ben Goldacre, is also a renowned crap detector. Goldacre, an award-winning writer, broadcaster, and medical doctor, specializes in unpicking scientific claims.
Find out what is different for this year’s MLA meeting, “Mosaic: Be Part of the Big Picture.”