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MLA ’18 Continuing Education

MLA ’18 Continuing Education
Wed January 31, 2018
Join your colleagues at MLA ’18 for courses that will support health sciences librarians and other information professionals in adapting to rapidly changing environments, transforming their collections and service models, and leading important new changes in education, research, and librarianship.

Register now for MLA's recorded webinar, Librarians, Get What You Want! Lessons in Influence from the Business World. Join our presenters, Lisa and Frank Traditi as they identify business skills that librarians need.
Register now for MLA's webinar series on Systematic Reviews. The live events will be held on February 27, March 27 and April 24. Join Margaret Foster, AHIP, and Sarah Jewell as they discuss matching review types, selecting software and developing a systematic review service.
Register now for MLA's webinar, Matching Review Type to Research Question: Which Review Is Right for You?, to be held February 27, 2018. Join Margaret Foster, AHIP, and Sarah Jewell as they present this first in the series on systematic reviews.
Register now for MLA's recorded webinar, Visualize Your Data: Tableau for Health Sciences Librarians. Join our presenter Ariel Deardorff as she introduces health sciences librarians to Tableau and its many uses.
Continuing education (CE) courses during MLA ’18 Adapting Transforming Leading in Atlanta, Georgia, will encourage health sciences librarians to move out of their comfort zones into new roles.
Register now for MLA's recorded webinar, 8 Tips for Using Metrics in Research Evaluation. Join our presenters to increase your impact at your institution.
Register now for MLA's recorded webinar, Working Open: An Overview of Open Source Research Tools. Join our presenter, Erin Foster, as she helps you choose the right free, open source tool for conducting, producing, and disseminating research.
Register now for MLA's recorded webinar, Cheap, Fast, and Good: Instructional Videos and Open Educational Resources. Join our presenter, Molly Higgins, as she addresses ways to create instructional media when you don't have time or money.
Register now for MLA's recorded webinar series, Distinguishing the Questionable from the Trustworthy in Open Access Resources. Join Carolann Lee Curry and Anna Krampl as they guide participants on how to use tools, resources, and formal criteria to vet open access journals.
Register now for MLA's recorded webcast, ".The Diversity of Data Management: Practical Approaches for Health Sciences Librarianship" Join Lisa Federer, AHIP, Kevin Read and Jackie Wirz as they provide strategies and success stories for Data Management.
Register now for MLA's recorded webinar, "Getting Started with Research." Join Jon Eldredge, AHIP, as he shows you how to get started doing research and helps you gain confidence that, yes, you can do research!
Register now for MLA's recorded webinar, "Scoping Reviews: Mapping Your Course to Success." Join Whitney A. Townsend and Kate M. Saylor as they focus on practical solutions to improve the quality of your search services and also raising your profile.
Register now for MLA's recorded webinar, "Survey Success: 10 Essential Tips for Effective Survey Design." Join Deborah H. Charbonneau as she aims to demystify the survey process for librarians and information professionals by providing “10 essential tips for effective survey design.”
Register now for MLA's recorded webinar, "Finding Grey Lit for Systematic Reviews: Can It Be More Black and White?" Join Barbara Folb as she explains the framework for grey literature decision-making and tips for managing the search process. #mlaGreyLit
Register now for MLA's recorded webinar, "Flexing Your Powerhouse Librarian Muscles: The Foundations of Effective Project Management". Join Jamie Gray as she identifies preplanning strategies and key behaviors to move your project forward. #mlapowerhouselib
Join your colleagues May 26 and 27 for the MLA ’17 continuing education (CE) courses in Seattle, Washington. These courses will provide health sciences librarians with a great way to explore new roles and stay at the forefront of the health information profession.
Register now for MLA's recorded webcast, "Beyond Systematic: The Librarian’s Role in Shaping Reviews." Join Melissa Rethlefsen, AHIP, Whitney A. Townsend, and Joey Nicholson as they discuss how systematic reviews have evolved and when to consider other types of reviews.
Register now for MLA's recorded webinar, "Scanning the Horizon: Emerging Technology at Your Library and in the Classroom." Join Emily Hurst, AHIP as she identifies trends, the impact of new technologies on education, and resources for staying informed.
Register now for MLA's recorded webinar, "Demystifying R: An Introduction for Librarians." Join Lisa Federer, AHIP as she explains terminology, how R works and where to find free resources.
Register now for MLA's Instructional Design webinar series. Register for individual webinars or the series and get all four webinars for the price of three!
Register now for MLA's recorded webinar, "Getting Started with Statistics for Librarians." Join Jin Wu as she explains statistical concepts for reading research findings and interpreting data.
MLA has partners with LearnSomething for our new learning management system (LMS) that will host all MLA educational offerings starting in early 2017.
Register now for MLA's webinar, "Are All Systematic Reviews Created Equal?" Join Connie Schardt, AHIP, FMLA as she explains how to critically appraise a systematic review and the tools needed for the task.
The guiding principles of MLA's education program are defined around five simple concepts that will turn MLA education upside down: "intentional", "learner-centric", "member-focused", "excellence" and "resource savvy".
The growth of MLA's planned curriculum expansion will require investment to cover course development expenses until the courses begin generating revenue. MLA will use the Shaping our Future Fund in an innovative way.
The MLA webinar, “Precision Medicine: What Is It and Why Should I Care?” is available via on-demand recording. Join Carrie Iwema, AHIP, as she provides an overview of the basic concepts and ethical concerns surrounding precision medicine. Come away with information and resources you can use.
The new Rising Stars curriculum uses best practices in professional development and MLA’s growing expertise in education to support a more immersive Rising Stars program.
The MLA webinar, "The Consumer Health Library: A Site for Service, Education, and Hope" is available via on-demand recording. Join Jacqueline Davis as she presents on the role of the consumer health librarian and outreach.

Register now for MLA's "What’s New with the Affordable Care Act and What You Need to Know About It" recorded webinar. Join Emily Vardell as she highlights the most relevant aspects of the ACA and the role for librarians.
The MLA webinar, "Managing from the Middle: Balancing People, Projects, and Vision with Confidence" is available via on-demand recording. Join Pat Wagner as she helps participants feel more confident and gain insight into the challenges of and strategies for middle-management decision making.
Full speed ahead. Exactly! Readers of this blog will know that the MLA Board has established a strategic goal of serving the mission and growth of MLA by increasing the breadth, depth, and quality of MLA education offerings and expanding our audiences.
Meet Barry Grant, who will be leading the effort to make that vision real as MLA's new director of education starting September 28.
We improved your online learning experience by adding student/teacher interaction into the instructional design of MLA's first asynchronous online course, “Library Statistics: Data Analysis for Librarians.”
Please share your input on the needs of our profession to support MLA's initiative to revise our Competencies for Lifelong Learning and Professional Success.
MLA’s strategic goal #3 is all about education, and how to seriously raise the bar on how we support you in your professional development. Just as the new MLANET website and community platform will put you at the center of the experience, our plan for MLA education will have you at the center.
Over 100 people attended the open forum, “Revitalizing the Professional Competencies for Lifelong Learning” in Austin. Attendees weighed in on the direction they would like to see MLA take in responding to our professional development needs.
In January, the MLA Board established a task force to revise the “Competencies for Lifelong Learning and Professional Success” policy to keep up with the evolving needs of MLA members and the changing environment in which we work.