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Product Spotlight: Nature Biomedical Engineering (Sponsored)


Nature Biomedical Engineering will bring the convergence of fields in the health and physical sciences into the spotlight.

Breakthrough discovery and invention often emerge at the interface between disciplines. As scientific research becomes ever more collaborative, scientific and technological developments rooted in interdisciplinarity are poised to increasingly fuel human endeavour. Biomedical engineering—an inherently interdisciplinary subject area that aims to improve human health—indeed thrives on the convergence of research fields.

Nature Biomedical Engineering, launched in January 2017, publishes original research, reviews, and commentary of high significance to the biomedical engineering community, including bench scientists interested in devising materials, methods, technologies, or therapies to understand or combat disease; engineers designing or optimizing medical devices and procedures; and clinicians leveraging research outputs in biomedical engineering to assess patient health or deliver therapy across a variety of clinical settings and health care contexts. In addition to academic fields, the journal will be of huge significance to research and development in hospitals, pharma and biotechnology, and engineering corporations.

The free inaugural issue of Nature Biomedical Engineering pays homage to the interdisciplinarity of the subject area and the ingenuity of biomedical engineers. The issue unveils fundamental advances in the fate of implanted biomaterials and in the generation of cardiac stem cells, methodological approaches for assessing tumour mechanopathology, and technical developments in image-guided surgery and in diagnostics for global health. It also highlights a range of diseases and disease-related topics—diabetes, cancer, infectious diseases, cardiology, and immunology—as well as regulatory aspects of cardiovascular devices and neurocognitive considerations of body-augmentation technology.

By publishing content that traverses field boundaries, at Nature Biomedical Engineering we aim to help build bridges between bench researchers, clinicians, and medical engineers. This online-only journal has been designed to also attract the most significant developments in the full spectrum of research in biomedical engineering, and we will strive to inspire biomedical engineers to help solve outstanding health challenges by disseminating the successes of the discipline to the wider scientific community. To this end, we have also launched a free-to-access, collaborative online site for our readers and authors to engage in enriching discussions and to contribute with research news and stories. We look forward to welcoming you and your faculty in taking advantage of this important new resource in biomedical engineering.

For more information on an institutional licence or trial to Nature Biomedical Engineering, contact us at

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