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MLA'17 Program Session 3

Monday, May 29th afternoon's (1 pm - 2:25 pm) session will keep you on your toes!  Negotiating, researching and Technologies - Oh My!


Session: Bibliometrics in Action
Moderator: Shawn Steidinger, AHIP – Primary Children's Hospital, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
     1 - A Series of Unconnected Events: A Library's Effort to Promote Research Education & Services
     2 - Daring to Dive Deep into the Citation Data: Going Head to Head with SciHub
     3 - HAMMERing out the Details: What Can an Online Bibliometrics Engine Tell Us about Research in Animal-Assisted Therapy?
     4 - Daring to Move Beyond the H-Index: Communicating Researcher Impact with the Relative Citation Ratio
     5 - Pattern of Coauthorship of Biomedical Researchers in the University of Ibadan

Session: Daring to Work on the Front Lines as a Clinical Librarian
Moderator: Jennifer A. Lyon, AHIP – Children's Mercy Hospital
     1 - Improving the Pediatric Clerkship
     2 - Learning to Educate: A Resident Initiative to Develop Improved Patient Handouts in Pediatrics
     3 - Applying Knowledge Management Best Practices to Capture, Support, and Archive Systems-Embedded Clinical Decision Support Evidence
     4 - Library-Friendly Contract Language for Hospital Libraries
     5 - Group Discussion Time

From Dreaming to Doing: Navigating the Research Pipeline

Moderator: Liz A. Amos – National Information Center for Health Services Research and Health Care Technology
Moderator: Kristina Elliott – National Library of Medicine
Moderator: Katherine Masterton – Public Services Division
Moderator: Patrick McLaughlin – National Library of Medicine
Moderator: Holly Thompson – NIH Library

Session: Negotiating for Yourself and Your Library
Moderator: Ariel Deardorff – UCSF Library

Systematic Searching Live
Moderator: Margaret J. Foster, AHIP – Texas A&M University

Session: Technology Dreamin': New Applications for Current and Emerging Technologies
Moderator: Harold Bright IV, AHIP – A.T. Still University of Health Sciences
     1 - Enhancing Accessibility of Rare Disease Literature for Researchers and Patients
     2 - Imagination, Adventure, and Practical Application: Virtual Reality in a Health Sciences Library
     3 - Embedded Librarians Integrating 3D Printing Technology into Master's Level Health Sciences Courses
     4 - Gamification of Student Learning Assessment in an Online Graduate-Level Health Informatics Course
     5 - iPad Innovations During Clinical Rotations from Seven Medical Schools in the United States: Lessons Learned

Session: The Dream Realized: Instruction In and Beyond the Classroom Walls
Moderator: Misa Mi, AHIP – Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine
     1 - Defining Evidence-Based Practice across the Disciplines: First Steps for Interprofessional Education
     2 - Experience of Implementing an Embedded Librarian Program
     3 - The Data Visualization Clinic: A Library-Led Workshop on Data Visualization
     4 - Establishing a Peer Review Process to Evaluate Research Guides
     5 - Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries Task Force Evaluating Association of American Medical Colleges Core Entrustable Professional Activities

Session: Today's Dreamers, Tomorrow's Doers: New Voices
Moderator: Brenda Linares, AHIP – Health Sciences Library
     1 - Information Highway: Navigating the Pathway to Medical Student Success: The Implementation of an Innovative Online Program to Assess Critical Information Skills
     2 - Dream: Improving Health Literacy Dare: Enhancing Readability of Patient Education Material Do: One Document at a Time
     3 - Librarian Involvement in an Introductory Clinical and Translational Research Course
     4 - Dreaming of Datasets: Outreach Strategies for an Institutional Data Catalog
     5 - "Is There Life on Mars?" Gamification of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Learning at Macquarie University

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