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MLA'17 Program Session 1

Are you counting down? Is your calendar full?  In 20 days (Sunday, May 28th)  Program Session 1 kicks off.  Here are the program titles – log into the online Itinerary Planner to mark your favorites!

Session: "Engage for Health": A Partnership for Improved Patient-Doctor Communication
Moderator: Elaina Vitale – National Network of Libraries of Medicine / Middle Atlantic Region


Session: #meddatalibs: A Book Group Discussion About the Intersection of Data and Medical Librarianship
Moderator: Michelle B. Bass – Stanford University School of Medicine
Moderator: Patricia Gogniat – VisualDX


Session: Call to Action for Diversity and Inclusion: Perspectives for Our Patrons and Out Profession
Moderator: Carolyn Martin, AHIP – NN/LM Pacific Northwest Region
Moderator: Bredny Rodriguez, AHIP – University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Session: Daring to Grow: Building a Strong Workforce
Moderator: Molly Knapp, AHIP – NNLM Training Office
                1 - Standards for Literature Searching: Research and Development
                2 - Accepting the Leadership Challenge: What Academic Health Sciences Library Directors Do to Become Effective Leaders
                3 - Connecting the Dots: Informing Online Graduate Library Curriculum Development for Health Sciences Librarianship through Employer Surveys
                4 - With a Little Help from My Friends: A Peer-Led Professional Development Program for Hospital Librarians
                5 - Evidence-Based Practice for Everyone: Getting Non-Health Sciences Librarians up to Speed


Session: Daring to Integrate into the Medical Curriculum
Moderator: Renee Gorrell – Goldfarb School of Nursing, at Barnes-Jewish College
               1 - Finding Biomedical Research Information and Communicating Science: A New, Librarian-Taught, Credit-Bearing Course for Graduate Students
               2 - Transforming Curriculum, Transforming Roles: New Paths to Curriculum Integration
               3 - Integrating Information Literacy through a Biomedical Informatics Course at National Autonomous University of Mexico Faculty of Medicine in Mexico
               4 - A Program Description to Assess Information Literacy Initiatives by Librarians in the Online, Embedded Role
               5 - New Roles for Australian Clinical Librarians in Developing and Delivering an Evidence-Based Practice Program for Undergraduate Clinical Science Students


Session: Dreaming Up New Ways to Improve Your Searches
Moderator: Penny Coppernoll-Blach, AHIP – University of California, San Diego

                1 - Evaluating the Consistency and Quality of Search Strategies and Methodology in Cochrane Urology Group Systematic Reviews
                2 - Comparing the Effectiveness of Conceptual Search Methods: Is a Fast Approach Sufficient for the Production of (Sound) Systematic Reviews: A Prospective, Double-Blinded, Controlled Study
                3 - Quality of Data Downloads from Bibliographic Databases Frequently Used in Systematic Reviews
                4 - Where Are We Now?: Current Library Data Support Services
                5 - Replicating a Dr. Google Study: Challenges of Reproducing Online Information-Seeking Studies across Domains


Session: Evaluating Our Services: Daring to Take a Closer Look
Moderator: Ayaba Logan, AHIP – Medical University of South Carolina

                1 - Daring to Calculate the Cost Impact of the Librarian
                2 - The Role of MEDLINE in Patient Care: Results of a Secondary Analysis of the Value of Libraries Study
                3 - Beyond Systematic Reviews: Finding Our Place in the Academic Research Process
                4 - Managing a Biomedical Library's Instruction Program: Redefining Scope
                5 - Where’s the Printer? How One Library Dared to Eliminate Printing

Session: Lightning Talks 1
Moderator: Jonquil D. Feldman, AHIP – UT Health San Antonio

                1 - Evaluating and Choosing a Point-of-Care Tool for Your Library
                2 - Discovering Data: A Federated Search Portal of Data Journals
                3 - Patient Education Materials: Assessing Compliance with Health Literacy Standards

                4 - Keeping up with Demand: Doing National Institutes of Health Biosketch Support
                5 - The Library's Small "L" Leadership in Meeting the Mission of an Academic Health System
                6 - Coming out [of the Stacks]: Reducing Informational Barriers to Care through Community Engagement at a Local Pride Festival

                7 - Using Team-Based Learning for Faculty Development on Copyright and Fair Use
                8 - Working with Medical Education to Establish the Baseline
                9 - Evaluating the Impact of Clinical Librarians on Inpatient Rounds
                10 - Librarians as Systematic Review Coauthors: Correlation with Citation Impact Scores
                11 - Working Together to Advance Scientific Inquiry: Successful Partnerships Between a University's Libraries and Translational Research Center
                12 - Finding It Outside the Library: An Analysis of Full Text Availability in Three Disciplines
                13 - Peer-to-Peer Networking: Merging Two Libraries to Form One User Experience
                14 - Everyone Can Volunteer Here: Collaboration with a Public Library to Provide a Safe Volunteering Program for Survivors of Neurological Trauma
                15 - Improving Library Class Awareness, Registration, and Attendance

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