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My Favorite Tools, Part 2

This year at MLA, the Educational Media and Technology Section hosted a special content session called My Favorite Tool.  Eighteen participants had 3 minutes to describe their chosen tool and its features for a chance to win a prize! 

MLA’s Favorite Tools (in order of presentation)


  • Free
  • Poll your audience with printed response cards for live feedback without the risk of mobile device distraction.


  • Free (2 questions and 5 quizzes per presentation); additional pricing levels
  • Engage your audience, team, or committee with icebreakers, voting, prioritizing, assessment, decision-making, session evaluation, and more, using this versatile audience response system.


  • Free
  • Import, clean, reformat, and reconcile your messy data, or link to and explore other open data sets.

Symplur Healthcare Hashtag Project

  • Free; additional pricing levels
  • Find and analyze trending hashtags for diseases, conferences, tweet chats, or other health topics on Twitter.


  • Free
  • Koha provides a web-based open source integrated library system (ILS) to make your library services hassle-free.


  • Free
  • Import or embed cool, interactive HTML5 tools such as questions, games, multimedia, or social media into your Wordpress, Drupal, Moodle, or other site.

The Interactive Web blog

  • Free
  • The interactive web blog links to interactive videos, animation, and other info for teaching, learning, and clinical practice.


  • Cost
  • Type, write, draw, or record audio on PDFs, DOCs, photos, slides, and more.

Bonus tools! (mentioned during the presentations)


  • Free (one grid); additional pricing levels
  • Create a grid (classroom or community of learners) and pose a topic. Students input a code and record a 15- or 90-second video response without having to create an account.


  • Free
  • Enter a piece of text or upload a document to see an instant visualization of the most common words and their relationship to each other.


  • Free
  • Pocket integrates with your browser (even on your phone) to save articles and websites for later with just the touch of a button.

 But wait! That's only half the tools!  Visit the "My Favorite Tools, Part 1" blog post for more tech tools!

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