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MLA Election Updates: New Officers and Modified Calendar

MLA Election Updates: New Officers and Modified Calendar
Thu May 18, 2017
Please join me and the MLA Board of Directors in welcoming the incoming MLA Board members who will assume office at the conclusion of MLA ’17 in Seattle, Washington.

At its winter meeting, the Board of Directors reviewed and voted to revise the MLA election calendar.

Have an early morning meeting and MLA ’17 and need coffee? Visit the Espresso Caffe Dior and Tougo Coffee for your morning cuppa joe.
The MLA Communities Strategic Goal Task Force has been working on our charge (see Strengthening ur Communities: A Solid Foundation by Teresa L. Knott, AHIP) since August 2016, specifically focusing on the first two parts of our charge
Are you driving to the MLA Annual Meeting and looking for parking options other than at the convention center?
Reminders as you prepare to leave for MLA'17 in Seattle!
The number of homeless people in Seattle and King County continues to rise, with more than 4,000 people sleeping on the streets in a recent count. Mary’s Place in Seattle—which provides services for homeless women, children, and families—has been chosen for the MLA ’17 service project.
Can't wait to check out the posters at MLA'17 in Seattle? Pop onto the eGallery to view them, read the abstracts and plan your poster presenter questions!
Professional Headshots Available at the 2017 MLA Annual Meeting in Seattle!
Nature Biomedical Engineering will bring the convergence of fields in the health and physical sciences into the spotlight.
Breakthrough discovery and invention often emerge at the interface between disciplines.
AAP Pediatric Care Online
Access the latest pediatric clinical care recommendations anytime, anywhere—in one online resource.
So you’ve registered for MLA ‘17, booked a window seat on the plane, reserved your hotel room, and started filling out the itinerary planner.  The next question is: where are you going to eat? The MLA ’17 Restaurant Guide will help you answer that essential question!
Innovative health partnership prevents library closures
Funding cuts are a common and challenging reality for many libraries. To overcome the budgetary challenge, public libraries in Staffordshire, England, UK, have strategized to keep all libraries open through a creative partnership.
Monday afternoon's (1 pm - 2:25 pm) session will keep you on your toes! Negotiating, researching and Technologies - Oh My!
Margaret M. Bandy's Oral History has been published.
The countdown to MLA'17 Dream, Dare, Do has begun! As you prepare, be sure to follow the Official MLA'17 Tweeters!

Registration is still open for MLA'17 in beautiful Seattle! Review the program schedule for the Monday, May 29th, session from 10:30 am - 11:55 am – log into the online Itinerary Planner to mark your favorites!
Join your colleagues at MLA ’17 “Dream Dare Do” for innovative and practical continuing education (CE) courses. This is a great way to learn new roles and stay at the forefront of the health information profession. Courses will take place on Friday, May 26, and Saturday, May 27. Register now!
The mobile MLA'17 App is ready for download. Make sure you download and install the App before the Meeting, and download any presentations available before each session starts.
NEW THIS YEAR: pre-order your MLA '17 friend Mini-Squatch! MLA members have an easy way to reserve an annual meeting mascot on MLANET and support the scholarship fund at the same time.
Are you counting down? Is your calendar full? In 20 days (Sunday, May 28th) Program Session 1 kicks off. Here are the program titles – log into the online Itinerary Planner to mark your favorites!
While at MLA’17, make time to explore some of Seattle’s most iconic and beautiful libraries. This article provides a selective update of self-guided library tours. The information was originally researched and written up for MLA 2012 in Seattle. (Credit to Susan Klawansky and Ann Glusker).
Joint Legislative Task Force talks with Congress about the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health
Once you’ve made it to your hotel in downtown Seattle, you have a few options for getting around to visit the sights, depending on your needs and preferences. Please take some time to review this information if you are planning to do some sightseeing.
Think big cities are a zoo? Planned for some extra sightseeing in Seattle but haven't decided where to go? Visit Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, which hosts the largest live animal collection in Washington State and is home to 40 endangered and 17 threatened animal species.
There is still time to register for MLA ’17. Attend the annual meeting in Seattle and be inspired by the outstanding featured speakers including Julie Angus, Julia F. Sollenberger, AHIP, FMLA, Patty Brennan, and Hope Jahren. Among the new sessions this year, be sure to attend the special open forum
The Pacific Northwest Chapter (PNC)/MLA is holding its business meeting at MLA ’17 on Monday, May 29, from 3:30 p.m.–5:00 p.m., in Room 611 of the Washington State Convention Center. We welcome all who are interested in connecting with their colleagues, whether or not they are PNC members.
Committed to Editorial Excellence in Scholarly Publishing
The American Psychological Association’s (APA’s) prestigious scholarly journals are among the most widely circulated, most frequently cited, and most often used publications in the behavioral and social sciences.
Committed to Editorial Excellence in Scholarly Publishing
The American Psychological Association’s (APA’s) prestigious scholarly journals are among the most widely circulated, most frequently cited, and most often used publications in the behavioral and social sciences.
Can we narrow down Seattle’s attractions to just 10? I don’t think so. Over the last few months we have shared numerous ideas for sightseeing in Seattle. In case you missed them, here are some highlights!
The Research Section and Medical Informatics Section are cosponsoring a data management book discussion at MLA'17.
Traveling from SeaTac Airport and wonder how to get all the way to downtown Seattle? You have a number of options.
Have you considered all the learning opportunities available at MLA 17?
Seattle is a world-class city with many wonderful attractions and is a premier destination for arts, entertainment, and leisure activities. Seattle’s central location provides easy access to a wide variety of must see attractions. Here are just a few:
Yes, high school reunions get a bad rap. From the tacky music to the one-upsmanship, they are they event we all dread to attend, but can't resist.

Library school reunions, however, are a whole other kettle of fish.
Seattle is a book-lover’s paradise. It’s been in the top 3 of “Most Literate Cities” since the list started in 2003! Maybe there’s something about gray weather and coffee that lend themselves to reading. Given this, it’s not surprising that we have some fantastic bookstores. Feel like a stroll t
The MLA Professional Recruitment and Retention Committee (PRRC) is pleased to sponsor the "Dream Dare Do" MLA '17 Resume Clinic for meeting attendees.
The MLA Books Panel seeks authors or editors for a proposed monograph on information literacy for the health sciences. This book will introduce common instructional standards and approaches seen in higher education and discuss how they can be applied in a variety of health sciences environments.
The MLA Books Panel is seeking an author or editor for a monograph that will seek to answer the question: In what ways do librarians provide liaison services to their patrons in the modern era?
Hop to it! Register before the early bird pricing deadline of April 19.
The central location of the Seattle Convention Center means that there is no shortage of amazing food options for you at MLA’17. Take it from local foodies: you can (and should) try to eat your way around Seattle!
How are contributions to published historical research shared, recorded, touted, publicized?

For many of us, showing the relevance and impact of specialized historical research services may require a multi-pronged approach. Special displays and open houses can be recorded in websites and reports an

Coffee at the Convention Center

MLA Communities: What Are Our Guiding Principles? We Need Your Input!

MLA'17 Parking

Top things to remember to pack

Featured Speakers


MLA and AAHSL Recommend NLM FY 2018 Funding

MLA'17 Program Session 4

MLA ’17 Service Project

Poster Sneak Peak and Schedule

Professional Headshots at MLA'17

Product Spotlight: Nature Biomedical Engineering (Sponsored)

Product Spotlight: American Academy of Pediatrics (Sponsored)

Dining Options in Seattle

International News

MLA'17 Program Session 3

Margaret M. Bandy

Announcing the Official Tweeters for MLA'17

MLA'17 Program Session 2

Continuing Education Courses

MLA'17 Mobile App

MLA ’17 Mini-Squatch Has Arrived

MLA'17 Program Session 1

Seattle’s local library attractions – at your own pace!

Legislative Task Force Goes to the Hill

Getting Around Seattle

Woodland Park Zoo

We Hope to See You at MLA ’17 in Seattle

Chapter News: Pacific Northwest Chapter Business Meeting at MLA ’17

Product Spotlight: American Academy of Pediatrics (Sponsored)

Product Spotlight: American Psychological Association (Sponsored)

Top 10

Special Content Session 1: "#meddatalibs: A Book Group Discussion about the Intersection of Data and Medical Librarianship"

Getting from the SeaTac Airport to the Convention Center

Learning, Learning, Learning


MLA 2017: Dare to Reconnect

Seattle Book Crawl

Resume Clinic

Call for Information Literacy for the Health Sciences Publication

Call for Library Liaisons Publication


Food Options in Seattle (or, How to Eat Your Way Around the Emerald City)

Keeping Track of Contributions to Historical Research


MLA 2017: Still Time to sign up to volunteer!

Second Call

Built Seattle: standout buildings and city views

Play Ball!

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